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A very resistant red wine variety

Frontenac is a very disease resistant variety with good resistance to powdery mildew and near-immunity to downy. Initially acids are high, but often drop dramatically late in the season. Fortunately, the pH does not often rise to dangerous levels. When grown in colder area the berries must be left on the vine long enough to mature fully. It produces only a moderate number of tendrils, which facilitates vine management.

One of the most productive varieties

Photo credit: University of Minnesota


Dark-skinned hybrid

The crossing was made in 1978 at the University of Minnesota and selected in 1983 when it was tested as MN 1047.

It was named and released as Frontenac in 1996.

It is now the most widely planted red wine grape variety in its home state of Minnesota, and has recently enjoyed some success north of the border in Quebec.

One grape with unlimited possibilities, and four fabulous Frontenac wines

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