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Resistant white and aromatic wine variety


Traminette is a late mid-season white wine grape which produces wine with pronounced varietal character likened to one of its parents, ‘Gewürztraminer’. ‘Traminette’ is distinguished by its superior wine quality combined with good productivity, partial resistance to several fungal diseases. ​

Traminette clusters 2021.jpg

Picture Credit: Dr. Michael Striem

Over 20 years of viticultural experience


Traminette is adapted to various climates and capable of producing wines of distinctive character and outstanding quality. It is much more tolerant of diseases than its Gewürztraminer parent. Traminette’s positive characteristics is the relatively high vigor of own-rooted vines on a wide range of soil types. Good vine vigor ensures maximum productivity for sustainable production.

Traminette produces a white wine with distinctive floral aroma and spicy flavors, characteristic of its Gewürztraminer parent. 

It is now grown commercially in over 19 states in the USA.


Secrets from the cellar

Sufficient hang time is crucial to let Traminette grapes ripen and fully develop the future wine’s delicate and delicious volatile aromas and balanced alcohol and acid structure.
Due to the substantial amounts of monoterpenes in the Traminette berry skin, any deliberate, additional skin contact after crushing the fruit is unnecessary if the incoming fruit was properly ripe and sun-exposed.


Picture Credit: Dr. Michael Striem

טרמינט 2021 המעבדה בקבוק.JPG

Enjoy Traminette Taste


“Traminette gives you Gewurztraminer’s aromatics and Joannes Seyve’s elegance,” Gino explained. “It’s drinkable now, but ages extremely well; in four years it’s magnificent.” 

Traminette is a versatile grape variety, and has been used to make dry, sweet and sparkling wines. Ice wine and botrytis styles have also been achieved, with the wines showing good viscosity and concentration. 

The land dedicated to the Traminette variety is on the rise: it is considered to be one of the higher-quality hybrid grapes, and has become the signature grape variety in Indiana in particular.

‘Traminette’ – a mid-season white-wine grape released by Cornell’s grape breeding program in 1996 – was named the Outstanding Fruit Cultivar for 2015 by the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) at its annual meeting in New Orleans August 7.

IMG20220323065844 Traminette 2021 vineyard 2s.jpg

Picture Credit: Dr. Michael Striem

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