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Strieminetica Grapevine Technologies

  • Dr. Michael Striem found great interest and potential in hybrid grape varieties resistant to fungi, and decided to import to Israel, test and commercialize new wine grape varieties and selections.

  • Michael and his wife fell in love with Traminette and Noiret wines back in 1994 (at that time still named NY65.533.13 and NY73.0136.17 accordingly), when on post-Doctoral research at Cornell’s Agricultural Research Station, in Geneva NY, hosted by Prof. Bruce Reisch. In 1999, they have imported to Israel with the help of the late Prof. Hans (Lutz) Striem, Traminette and Noiret.

  • To enable the signing of agreements with Cornell University and Minnesota University the company was officially established in 2017. Additional 10 wine grape varieties were imported by Strieminetica, acclimated through quarantine, and successfully released for propagation in 2020. 

  • In 2020 Michael and Dalia became excited to introduce Mr. Goldmintz Mordechai (Motti) as Director at Strieminetica, joining them with the passion to grow vines and make wines.

Dr. Michael Striem at a vine  during budburst
  • Strieminetica is entering a new growth phase with the enthusiastic collaboration between Michael, bringing years of agricultural and research experience, and Motti, with his long successful business expertise, his investments. As a business partner. Mr. Goldmintz will  make essential contributions to Strieminetica’s long-term success as a venture.

  • At first, all available plants produced by Hishtil Nursery were directed towards the establishment of two demonstration blocks in collaboration with Migal (on the Golan Heights and Northern Galilee). Additional two blocks were planted at private growers in the Lower Galilee (Ha'zorim) and Jezreel Valley (Yokneam).

  • Dr. Striem has also established a breeding program to develop local new generations of selections suitable to the local Israeli growing conditions, incorporating the unique genetic qualifications of the resistant hybrids.

  • Following the establishment of demonstration vineyards, the company will be extending to semi-commercial-scale independent vineyard operations and the development of business opportunities with existing wine industry entities. The company is getting ready to plant its 12 varieties at several vineyards throughout Israel, aiming to high quality wine regions as well bulk production of high-yielding, low maintenance vineyards. 

מוטי ומיכאל בוצרים טרמינט אוגוסט 2021.jfif

Photo by: Effie Striem

  • The knowledge of how to grow vines at different terroir is key to wine quality. Having 12 new varieties to acclimate at Israeli various regions required focus on viticulture.
    Nimrod Ziv, a wine-agronomist, has joined Strieminetica Grapevine Technologies to manage and oversee the proper handling of vineyard establishment. His professional expertise in wine-grape-viticulture is complemented with his additional experience in wine making.
    Nimrod is accumulating variety-specific data regarding the performance of our 12 varieties at all locations.

Nimrod Ziv  inspecting a new variety

Photo by: Dr. Michael Striem

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