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Marquette is a grandson of Pinot noir.

Marquette is a grandson of Pinot noir. Viticulturally, Marquette is outstanding. Resistance to downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot has been very good. Its open, orderly growth habit makes vine canopy management efficient.

Marquette’s high sugar and moderate acidity make it very manageable in the winery. Finished wines are complex, with attractive ruby color, pronounced tannins, and desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate.


Marquette vine grown adjacent to Argaman.

In a 'No-Spray' vineyard we have demonstrated the resistance of Marquette - with no powdery mildew on bunches and canes.

Images of Maquette variety September 2023_edited.jpg
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